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Aerial Support Systems

Wilcox’s Aerial Support Systems meet the demanding needs of HAHO parachute operations. Our Navigation Boards give the operator the ability to navigate from these high altitude openings increasing the likelihood of a safe landing.

Parachutist Navigation Board- Heated

Wilcox’s Parachutist Navigation Board is a lightweight articulating platform that features a heated GPS containment vessel with a hinged top cover assembly, backlit Ball Compass and a backlit MA-230 military altimeter.

MSRP: $0.00
Parachutist Navigation Board- Standard

The Parachutist Navigation Board (Standard Version) can be worn by the parachutist either via a Rhodesian Vest or attached to the waistband of the parachutist harness and for covert night time operations, the red LED integrated into the ball compass can be illuminated.

MSRP: $0.00