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HP/LP Quick-Fill Charging Station

 The HP/LP Quick–Fill Charging System consists of a Pelican Case, rugged foam lining, two (2) 550 cu in, aluminum lined, carbon fiber wrapped cylinders (194 SCF Total at 4,500 system. An optional HP to HP Charging Hose is used for self recharging or directly attach the Wilcox Quick-Fill Charging System to the PATRIOT® to meet mission requirements (available in a variety of lengths and configurations, custom lengths can be specified). Once connected, the operator can open the cylinder(s) on the PATRIOT, then on the HP/LP Quick–Fill Charging System, providing a free flow between the two systems. This extends the PATRIOT’s operational time with up to 120 minutes of additional air. Refilling takes less than two minutes.

MSRP: Please call for government pricing.
To purchase this item please call 603-431-1331
Product Highlights
The HP/LP Quick-Fill Charging System has many safety and adjustment features. Some of these features include a recessed control panel to protect the system from damage in transport, wheels and a retractable handle to ease in transport. Release latches secure the storage case when not in use and allow access to the cylinder bay while two tied down nuts secure the case to the control panel. The system features dust covers on all connectors to protect against dirty entry. Dual pressure gauges allow for individual monitoring of cylinder pressure. 

A high pressure relief valve allows for the release of air in the event of over-pressurization and dual valves provide manual control of high pressure and low pressure air flow. The HP quick connect allows for the connection of charging hoses in various lengths. The LP burst assembly allows for release of air in the event of an LP regulator failure. The system features a low pressure gauge that allows the operator to monitor LP system output and a quick connect allows for connection on the LP to LP charging hose for air tools.