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LAW Trajectory Mount (LTM)

The Law Trajectory Mount (LTM) quickly attaches to the front sight sanction of the LAW M72-A7 and M72-A9 rocket configurations. The LTM is secured to the LAW by means of a Tube Clamp and Ratchetable Strap. A quick release button allows the ratchet to be released so the operator can loosen and remove the LTM for reuse without the need for further boresighting. The Tube Clamp secures hand tight with a thumb nut. The unique design of the LTM incorporates a digital display that indicates the distance to target, and provides the operator with single handed, ergonomically adjustable control of the firing mechanism. It overcomes obstacles faced by operators of the currently fielded sight with a number of unique features, provides a cost savings on the first use, and is reusable for added savings. A shrouded release button facilitates the re-use of the LTM and prevents the accidental release from the LAW. This provides a strategic advantage to operators of the disposable LAW. The Collapsible Grip feature allows an operator to sling the launch tube without interference.

MSRP: Please call for government pricing.
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Product Highlights
The system allows for the control of two modes of operation for the M72-A7 and M72-A9. Each device features a low mode for nighttime operations and a high for daytime operations. The anti-cant indicator displays red, yellow, and green signals to ensure the LAW Rocket is perpendicular to the horizon. The laser system is engaged by way of a red activation button that is ergonomically located within easy reach of the operator’s thumb. The LTM features a rubber/tactile elevation knob that allow the operator to change the angle of the mounted aiming device indicating the distance to target in meters. A rotating grip extender is conveniently located at the base of the grip, allowing the operator to adjust the handle height. The weight of the entire system with battery is 1.18 lbs. (18.88oz.).