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Mini Cutting Torch Assemblies

Does your mission require breaching? Our Cutting Torch system is light weight, low profile and scalable to meet your mission requirements. Using fuel rods promoted by pure oxygen, our system will quickly get you through what stands in your way when other breaching methods aren’t suitable for technical or tactical reasons. Our torch systems are available in 56ci, 95ci, 285ci and 410ci CGA bottles. The HELLBOY™ exothermic cutting torch handle sets our system apart. The O2 flow wheel is easily controlled by the operator’s thumb, allowing for nimble changes of air flow. The quick change collet adjusts for different size fuel rods without removing the head enabling you to stay on target longer.

MSRP: Please call for government pricing.
To purchase this item please call 603-431-1331
Product Highlights
Assembly Includes:
Choice of Bottle Size 
Hose Assembly
HellBoy™ Torch Handle
LP Safe Pressure Gauge 
FirstSpear™ Nylon Carry Case

Weight (with Oxygen):

410 CI  14.25 lbs.

285 CI  12.0 lbs. 
95 CI    8.42 lbs.
56CI     6.21 lbs.



410 CI Cylinder   6.57 in. DIA x 18.5 in. H

285 CI Cylinder   5.05 in. DIA x 22.5 in. H

95 CI Cylinder     4.50 in. DIA x 19.0 in. H
56 CI Cylinder     3.52 in. DIA x 11.0 in. H


Cylinder Capacity (3,000 PSI):

410 CI Cylinder  48.4 cu. ft. (1371.1 L)

285 CI Cylinder  33.7 cu. ft. (953.1 L)

95CI Cylinder     11.3 cu. ft. (325.0 L)
56 CI Cylinder    6.66 cu. ft. (190.5 L)