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O2 Torch Charging Whip
O2 Torch Charging Whip
This is a charging whip for your PATRIOT® Exothermic Cutting Torch Module, as well as your O2 Air Storage Delivery System. This whip allows for the operator to either cascade or use O2 transfer pump to charge their exothermic torch systems. The Wilcox Torch systems use a CGA adapter which will connect to the charging whips. The end user can specify what style adapter is required on the opposite end of the whip to meet the O2 charging needs. 
With this one whip the end user has the option of cascading from a higher O2 pressure source or connecting to a O2 transfer pump for maximum pressure. The end user of this O2 charging whip must have a clear understanding of what O2 supply option they will be charging their PATRIOT cutting torch equipment off of. 

At the time of ordering please specify what types of adapters are required to meet your O2 supply. For any additional information on charging options, please contact Wilcox Industries. 

MSRP: Please call for government pricing.
To purchase this item please call 603-431-1331