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The PATRIOT Exothermic Cutting Torch System is a modular, state of the art Land Based Hybrid Life Support System that allows an individual to operate in containment levels (masked up) for an unprecedented eight hours before performing service and utilizes an exothermic cutting torch for breaching operations. The system delivers blower or non-blower assisted filtered air (PAPR Mode) or open circuit breathing gas (SCBA Mode) in this one integrated system.


This state of the art Exothermic Cutting Torch Module allows an operator to perform precision cutting using fuel rods promoted by pure oxygen, while at the same time maintaining a safe source of breathable air for the operator while integrated to the PATRIOT ® Land Based Hybrid Life Support System. Each cylinder is self contained eliminating the possibility of homogenization of the gasses. This exothermic cutting process allows obstacles that are typically encountered in “Breaching” or in “Confined Space Rescue” scenarios to be easily cut away, thus eliminating the need for specialized access tools. The Exothermic Cutting Torch Module utilizes a high pressure, aluminum lined, carbon fiber wrapped, cylinder that can be carried separately, or be mounted seamlessly to the PATRIOT, replacing the right breathing cylinder. The system can be charged to 3,000 psi and is O2 safe.


Positive pressure air is delivered from the PATRIOT, utilizing the principle of a clean room, but within the operator’s mask. If the facial seal is broken, clean air continues to feed the operator. The positive pressure also works as an anti–fog system, providing assistance in keeping the mask clear, allowing an improved field of view than offered by traditional breathing systems. The 2.5 liter breathing bag can be attached on either side of the PATRIOT to accommodate left or right handed marksman. A specially designed load bearing backpack system allows the operator to comfortably and securely carry the entire system.


The PATRIOT easily integrates with most current use chemical masks. The system can also be operated as an Air Purifying Respirator (APR) or Supplied Air Respirator (SAR). The PATRIOT has been tested to operate in CBRN contaminated environments and is manufactured of chemically hardened high strength polycarbonate materials and aerospace grade aluminum for durability.

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