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PATRIOT® Charging Adapters
PATRIOT® Charging Adapters
Wilcox Industries offers a wide variety of charging adapters to fit your charging needs. We have included some of the most common known CGA and NPT fittings into our adapter category. Once you have decided to purchase the PATRIOT® Hybrid Life Support System, you must select the style length and proper adapters to fit your selected compressed air supply source. 
End users can either choose from our array of charging adapters individually or they can purchase one of our Universal Charging Adapter Kits.    

At the time of ordering, if you have any questions concerning charging adapters, please contact Wilcox Industries. 

MSRP: Please call for government pricing.
Fitting Types:          
Product Highlights

Adaptors Available:

  • CGA 347 to 1/4" NPT Female
  • PATRIOT® Bottle to 7/16" -20 Male
  • HP QD Male 7/16" -20 Male
  • 7/16" -20 Male to 1/4" NPT Female
  • 7/16" -20 Male 7/16" NPT Male
  • 7/16" -20 Male to 1/4" NPT Male
  • CGA 347 o 7/16" -20 Male
  • 7/16" -20 Female to 7/16" -20 Female
  • HP QD to 1/4" NPT Assembly
  • CGA 347 to PATRIOT® Bottle
  • Scuba Block Assembly to 7/16" -20 Male