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Wilcox is the industry leader in the design and manufacture of high quality tactical equipment providing the customer with effective solutions.

Founded in 1982, Wilcox was built from the ground up. We have evolved into the world’s leader in the design and manufacturing of tactical equipment. When we pioneered the first night vision mount, we could not have imagined the demand and response we would see for a rock solid mounting solution. We understand what it means to be a company that is what it is because of our people and our dedication to our customers.
Our engineering staff, technicians and fabricators allow creation of new products in a fully integrated “vertical” manufacturing environment. Nearly every step of this process is done “in-house”, making us as efficient as possible while controlling the outcome. As an ISO-9001 Certified company Wilcox Industries employs Just-in-Time manufacturing and the Kaizen business philosophy of continuous improvement of working practices and personal efficiency.
While night vision mounting solutions is the foundation of Wilcox Industries, we now offer over 260 different products within 3 main areas: Night Vision Mounting Systems, Hybrid Life Support Systems and Combat Systems. Wilcox consistently delivers unique products with unparalleled performance and quality. Our advances are, and always have been, in response to your needs and mission requirements. 
Wilcox is based in a modern, 130,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Newington, NH. Wilcox’s designers, engineers, technicians, and fabricators create new products in a fully vertical integrated manufacturing environment. Nearly every step of this process is done in-house with Wilcox people and state of the art equipment. Wilcox IS Made in the USA.
For more information about Wilcox and the products/services we provide, please email marketing@wilcoxind.com or call us at 603-431-1331.